Red Dragon Gerwyn Price Iceman Thunderbolt Darts

Love him or hate him Gerwyn Price is certainly a polarising character in the sport of darts.


The evolution of the darts with his name on them has not been as extreme as some, but none the less has produced stunning variants both in colour and configuration.


Up to now my favourite variant has been the Blue Ice version.


The dart barrel is a sleek black coated with a contrasting blue chevron groove at the rear of the barrel. The original forward grip style was replaced with a continuous shark grip with lineal slots cut along the axis providing a silver highlight as well as blue.

The new Thunderbolt variant takes the elegant simplicity to a new level.


The 22g set I had the pleasure of getting acquainted with felt really good from the outset. 

The barrels are 50.8mm long and exactly 6mm in diameter. The elliptical style nose opens to the full 6mm diameter parallel barrel. 


The forward grooves take up a touch over half of the dart barrel.  Moving to a twin groove style configuration gives the visual impression the dart has changed, but no real indication of how much. The double ring grooves have square cut shoulders that provide an excellent level of grip.


The ring section is followed by the trademark Iceman chevron pattern which is then closely followed by a double groove finale, leaving a short plain section at the rear of the barrel for the Red Dragon Trademark.


All grooves on the barrel are painted Black. They are supplied with medium length black on black Nitrotech shafts and black on white Iceman themed flights


All I can say is, that to me they are the best version of the Gerwyn Price range so far. The grip as I said doesn’t look extreme but provides a sure point of control. The grooves, while black filled have a positive grip point at the top of the groove that rates between 2.5 and 3 out of 5. 


Taking the darts to the board is a pleasure, at 6mm in diameter they are just right and really don’t need to be crushed in your fingers. They only take a few walks to the board and the trebles flow endlessly, being a bit heavier than my regulars there were a few wild shots too but on the whole, I think if the weight is right these have everything in place to make the experience stellar.


Practice drills just add icing to the cake and the accuracy improves the more I throw them.


The only changes I made was to swap out the medium shafts for a set of short shafts, but that won’t be mandatory for everyone, it was more of a compensation for my grip. 


I’ve said it before; this is a set that is brilliant in its playable simplicity. The black on silver contrast makes this an attractive eye catching set of darts. Overall I think they demand a 4.5 out of 5.