Red Dragon Firebird 25g Steel Tip Darts

Dart Review by Ralf M.

Red Dragon Firebird 25g Steel Tip Darts.

I’ll say from the outset that this review is primarily related to the “odd” weights, I’ll explain it this way, odd weights use a short barrel 23g & 25g and even weights 22g & 24g use a longer pencil style barrel (50mm).

The profiles are similar in their layout but, the darts are very different.

To be honest, in this style of Firebird dart, Red Dragon has reinvented what was the “Bullet Style” of Dart. Players like John Lowe and Phil Taylor both favoured the bullet style during their careers.

I was really surprised when I took these out of the box!

The grip looks super aggressive, and the red, well it makes them look fast.

They are in fact a beautifully crafted dart with a solid, comfortable grip, the red gives the dart that sporty fast look.

The Grip itself is intricate in its simplicity. The Darts are fitted with Red Trident points, setting the theme of “Firebird”. From the Point back, the first 10mm of the barrel is the conical nose. The nose has 3 centrally machined 1mm wide grooves, coloured in red. The nose is followed by 6 equally spaced shark fin style rings, each fin is softened at the base by a 0.5mm flat section before rising to the next peak, the top of the fin grip is softened by 6 equally spaced lateral groove along the length of the barrel these are also red. At this point the barrel has reached its 8mm diameter. 8mm sounds a lot, but it leaves a stack of room, enough to place 3 of these in the treble twenty! So, between the nose and the shark grip 29mm of the barrel has been used, the last 11mm the barrel tapers from the 8.0mm to around 6mm to meet with the base of the shaft. Again, this section has 3 centrally machined 1mm wide grooves. The result is a really nice looking but not overpowering blend of bright red and silver.

Although the grip looks aggressive it’s far from it, it’s just super positive and feels “just right” for the job.

This is a 25g dart that when in the process of throwing, feels perfect, not heavy at all.

I’d love to criticise the dart, but I just love the way they feel and fly. I’ve mentioned in other reviews that it’s important to “tune” the dart to your throw. These came with Medium Red Nitro Stems. For my style of throw, I swapped the Medium Shafts for short shafts. Deadeye has the Red Short Nitrotech shafts for those that like to keep the set looking original.

I tried a few different flight styles, but the standard shape flights worked the best for me.

I thought that I was going back toward lighter darts, until I threw these. These are awesome and great value. They are also a great alternative to the boring bullet style barrels.

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