Red Dragon Featherlite 19 gram Darts

The word around is that darts are expensive.

This is a set of 85% Tungsten darts that will disprove that myth.

At this price point I reckon they’re less expensive now than Tungsten darts were when I start playing in the late 1970s.

The Featherlite range is available in 10, 12, 17, 18 and 19g weights, and a number of different barrel profiles.

The 19g version is similar in shape to the heavier Swingfire 2, a bullet shaped barrel.

A tiny 38.1mm long barrel with a diameter of 7.2mm, they have a forward biased set of 6 equally spaced square cut rings that are black filled to provide a pleasant contrast to the silver 85% Tungsten Alloy barrel, they have an elliptical nose that ends where the maximum diameter of the barrel starts.

The 7.2mm section is a mere 15mm in length and between the nose and the grip make up the first 23mm of the dart. The final 15mm of the barrel tapers down to meet the shaft and is a plain surface adorned only with the famous RD logo.

They are fitted with a standard black 26mm point that provides more contrast to the silver barrel.

The set comes in the standard Red Dragon ‘Black Box’ with the long lime green VRX Shafts fitted and a set of plain black Hardcore flights in the tray.

By no means are these “cheap darts”, they are quality all the way and they “deliver” a quality experience just like the slogan on the pack announces.

At the Oche, my first concern was the really long shafts, a thing that was quickly put aside, they fly really well straight out of the box.

To be really honest the only thing that I had to change was how hard I throw. At 19g it’s not hard to launch them off the top of the board. It didn’t take long before I naturally adjusted to the light weight barrels and had a firm measured action working for me.

This is a great set of darts to train or practice your control and direction with, although, that said I could easily see myself playing with them. It takes some serious focus and patience to consistently throw a set of light weight darts into the trebles or doubles you’re aiming for, but these are very nice in all aspects and would be perfect for any level of player looking for a shorter bullet shaped dart.

While the grip overall rates only about 2 out of 5 it’s not in any way slippery. It’s just a limited surface area but a solid grip.

I really like these, yes, they are plain, short and aren’t player endorsed, but they are a great set of darts that are fun and easy to throw and they are inexpensive in the grand plan of things.

I’d rate them at 4.5 out of 5, value for money, easy to throw and fun to play with. Why not 5? Well, nothing is perfect but these sure come close.