Red Dragon Falcon GT 32g Darts

Introduction: The Red Dragon Falcon GT 32g darts stand as a pinnacle of dart design, reflecting Red Dragon's commitment to top-end performance and styling. These darts are not just a set of precision tools but also a statement in aerodynamic design and aero sports looks.

Design and Style: The Falcon GT darts boast an elegant pencil shape, which is highly favoured by players who enjoy a straight and streamlined dart. The look is completed by a striking silver and white colour scheme, making these darts as visually commanding as they are performance-driven.

Barrel and Grip: Crafted from 90% tungsten, the barrels offer a slender profile, allowing for tighter grouping and increased scoring potential. The 51.80mm length provides a balanced throw, while the 7.20mm diameter ensures a comfortable grip for consistent hand placement. The meticulously machined grip across the barrel ensures maximum control without sacrificing ease of release.

Balance and Weight: At a robust 32 grams, these darts are among the heaviest on the market, providing a stable flight path and a substantial feel that will be appreciated by players who prefer a heavier dart. The weight is perfectly distributed along the length of the dart, ensuring a balanced trajectory and pinpoint accuracy.

Shafts and Flights: The darts come equipped with medium-sized 'Street Art' nylon shafts and 'Hardcore' extra thick standard flights, which complement the barrels for a complete performance package. The flights are designed to maintain the dart's path through the air, while the shafts offer a reliable connection between barrel and flight.

Packaging and Accessories: Red Dragon presents the Falcon GT darts in a package that exudes quality and reflects the brand's attention to detail. While the packaging, as well as the shafts and flights, may vary over time, the quality and performance of the darts remain constant, adhering to the most exacting standards.

Conclusion: The Falcon GT 32g darts are a testament to Red Dragon's pursuit of darting excellence. With their aero sports inspired design and precision engineering, these darts are sure to appeal to those who demand the best in both performance and style. Whether for competitive play or for those who enjoy the finer things in the darting world, the Falcon GT range is a stellar choice.

Rating: 4.8/5