Red Dragon Artura Screamin' Green 24 gram Steel Tip Darts

Can I say from the beginning when these arrived they are nowhere near as green as the photos on the Red Dragon website, if you’ve bought any of the Red Dragon Mamba darts and were let down by the difference between the images and the real thing these are the same. But hey we don’t buy darts because the look pretty, we buy them because we believe they are better than the ones we are throwing. That said I was really surprised at how green they were under a dart board LED lights, the really brightened up.

The barrels are 24grams and 50.8mm long and at their widest point they are 7.45mm in diameter.

The barrel shape is described as being tapered but it’s more of a bullet or tapered torpedo.

The nose is elliptical, and realistically the barrel is in two zones.

The front is mainly 4 sets of U shaped rings in groups of 4 separated by a 1mm wide square cut ring in alternating black and white. There is a plain centre section that shows the Red Dragon Logo. The rear of the dart is made up of 4 off set rows of teardrop shaped cuts that represent a rear grip, the final 5mm of the barrel are made up of narrow rings as the dart tapers to meet the shaft.

With the exception of 5 painted rings all machined grooves have a green PVD coating. The finished barrels are a pleasant combination of Sliver and Green broken only by 3 black and 2 white painted rings.

The barrels are fitted with standard length 27mm silver points, short white Nitrotech shafts and black on green Hardcore flights.

From the outset I was taken by the look and feel of the darts, they were very easy to become accustomed to and even easier to throw. Having a four finger grip they feel very comfortable and I really liked the grip level. Even my partner in crime was impressed and asked to have a throw of the new wonder darts. She holds a dart like a pencil and remarked after a few walks to the board that they didn’t have enough grip for her, which made me think.

I believe the dart grip only rates about 2 out of 5 if you’re a front gripper, a bit more if you grip the whole barrel and a bit less if you grip at the rear. The barrel shape really presents the dart as marginally front loaded and they respond really well to a gentle but direct action, throwing too hard may result in a little inconsistency on the release.

I really enjoyed throwing these and went to the extreme of taking them out to a social night with mixed results mainly because I wasn’t 100% committed to them.

A great set of darts that represents good value for money.

Overall these rate 4.0 out of 5.0 for me