Pro Dart Case Black/Blue by Tex Darts

I think there is an old song with a line that goes something like ‘Everything Old is New Again!’

TEX Darts is a name that takes me back to when I wore younger skin. I honestly can’t say I recall it intimately but like a lot of things in this world the name has come full circle, and it’s come back (in my opinion) better than the original.

I have already reviewed the Tex Titan Dart Board, and the Team at Deadeye Dart have sent me a Tex Pro Dart Case to try out and review. Or check out my list of the best dartboards. 

I’ll be honest up front. It’s difficult to review a case; different people have vastly different expectations and needs.

Everyone has their own opinion of what they want in a case and what a good case is, and what it should have as far as storage and security.

The Tex Pro Dart Case is a clam style case, the case holds 6 (2 sets) fully assembled darts easily. It comes ready to load up with a black wrist strap because it’s a bit big to put in your pocket.

The Outer surfaces are a stylised Tartan design with the brand name inside a central diamond on the top and bottom of the case. The case colour is defined by the zipper – in this case a blue zipper, subtle but effective not in any way unattractive or ugly. Other colours available are white, purple and red.

So, let’s start with the dart storage section. The darts are held in place in a hard foam block with 6 slots cut into it. The foam although hard, still has sufficient ‘give’ to firmly hold the thickest barrels in place. Unlike many of its market rivals there is no elastic strap that goes over the block to hold (or not) the darts in place.

The biggest complaint I hear about this type of case is that the elastic strap is totally useless and does ‘bugger all’ or the block is made of firm foam that just isn’t firm enough the outcome is the same, the darts float around in the case. The next biggest complaint relates to the ‘block’ that is usually pressed or formed hollow cardboard or PVC that just doesn’t last or breaks prematurely again the result is fully assembled darts floating around inside the case.

The Tex Pro Dart Case holds the darts in place – No worries. They do this using a common-sense approach to the storage area. The case has flight storage ‘sheet’ that holds 8 sets of flights or even a combination of shafts and flights in the elasticised compartments.

When the case is closed and zipped up the ‘sheet’ sits neatly over the block and holds the darts in place.

As I said the case is a clam style, however, the lower section of the clam is deeper than the upper. Measured from the outside of the case, the lower section is 25mm high and the upper about 18mm when zipped the case is a mere 40 mm high, 130mm wide and 200mm long.

Inside, the bottom section is about 195mm long and 110mm wide.

The upper clam is the place where you store your bits and pieces in most cases, here it’s no different except the storage is limited to a single mesh pocket. The top edges of the pocket are elasticised to insert bits and hold them in!

The design of the case means everything is held in place with downward pressure when the case is zipped closed.

Personally, I don’t normally carry a lot of stuff around, spare flights, shafts or ends a bag of springs is usually about it, oh and a sharpener.

If you carry a lot more than that, this case might not be the one for you.

It does comfortably hold 2 assembled sets, 8 sets of flights, shafts and a sharpener without ruining the flights on your darts.

So, the check list –

  • Easy to Use? Yes
  • Holds Darts securely? Yes
  • Inside zippered pocket? No
  • Secure storage for flights and shafts? Yes
  • Bulky? - A bit, but made easier to transport by the inclusion of a carry strap

I actually quite like the case, I would have preferred an internal zippered section but, I can live without it.

Overall I’d rate the case a 3.0 out of 5.