Precision Meets Flair: Red Dragon Peter Wright Melbourne Masters 22g Darts

The Red Dragon Peter Wright 22g Melbourne Masters Darts are a fitting tribute to a significant victory in 2018 by one of the sport's most flamboyant players. These darts, which commemorate Peter Wright's triumph at the Melbourne Masters, are designed for enthusiasts and professionals alike who aim to replicate Wright's winning form on the oche.

Crafted with 90% tungsten, these darts offer a satisfying heft and are balanced for a steady and controlled throw. The precision-engineered barrel, measuring 54.60mm in length and 6.50mm in diameter, sports a classic pencil shape that's favoured by Wright and many other players for its straightforward grip and reliable trajectory.

The barrels are black and with the added vibrant colour dart shafts make them synonymous with Wright's vibrant personality. The tactile grip along the barrel is meticulously designed, providing a consistent feel throw after throw, ensuring that each dart is released with confidence and accuracy.

Accompanied by Hardcore extra thick standard flights, these darts cut through the air with minimal drag, while the Nitrotech polycarbonate medium shafts offer the durability and flexibility needed for sustained performance.

As with the iconic player himself, these darts don't shy away from making a statement, both in terms of aesthetics and on the scoreboard. Peter Wright's Melbourne Masters victory is etched into darting history and now players can hold a piece of that legacy in their hands.