One80 Peter Machin 23 gram Darts

One80 Peter Machin 23 gram Darts

One80 brand darts are one of the best-presented products on the market at present.

They promote their point of difference as using VHD Very High--Density Tungsten alloy and being handmade where that is indicated. I don’t have the technical ability to verify VHD but their darts are marginally smaller dimensionally as a result, the high sheen finish on these and others scream quality.

The Peter Machin Barrels come in at a touch over 38mm long.

The dart can be described as having 3 grip zones. One on the nose, one on the rear and one in the central area of the barrel.

Fitting all that into a 38mm barrel is a clever design.

The Tapered nose has 6 equally spaced grooves along its length each is black coloured. This is followed up by a parallel section in the centre of the barrel which has 4 equally spaced grooves cut in it mainly in the back of the smooth parallel section. The rear third of the barrel tapers down toward the shaft end where the last 2mm are again smooth where they meet the shaft. This last section has 12 square cut grooves again painted black. At the widest point (the centre section) the barrels are just a touch under 8mm. The barrel looks like an angry striped insect, and the shiny silver finish is really eye-catching. The silver points set the package off.

The package contains 3 barrels, 3 Vice Shafts and 3 ONE80 branded standard flights.

If you enjoy playing with short barrel darts you’ll probably take to these straight away. The barrel, depending on how you hold your dart fits completely into the primary grip area of your hand. For me, thumb and fore-finger on the rear taper and middle finger on the front grip zone to steady the barrel.

Being a shorter barrel, the centre of balance rarely shifts and the dart, 99 times out of 100 flies straight and true to what you throw toward.

They are relatively forgiving on the release and quickly self-correct any flicking action. Like all darts, with practice and persistence, they will go exactly where you throw them.

The shafts supplied are One80 Vice shafts, their length makes the assembled dart similar in length to the average dart. I personally like the feel of these they are good in the hand, they throw and fly consistently straight out of the box. I’d rate these as a premium set, great for players of any level who enjoys playing with shorter barrels, and very suitable for someone who wants to move to shorter barrelled darts.