Mission Ryan Joyce 95% Tungsten - Relentless

Mission Ryan Joyce 95% Tungsten - Relentless

I wasn’t really sure what I was in for when these arrived in the mail.

They are packed in their colourful ‘block on black’ packaging resembling a device screen displaying the old school Tetris game.

The barrels are 95% Tungsten, and are available in 21, 23 and 25 gram weights. Unlike many of the recent releases these Mission Darts are not parallel barrels, they are described as being torpedo shaped however, and the nose of the barrel is a continual taper that is incorporated into the first third of the dart.

At the front of the dart the first 4mm is in essence “plain”, I say that in the sense that it is un adorned by grips or visible machining marks. The barrel, after this small plain section breaks straight into a section of continual U grip profile until about 7mm from the flight end of the barrel where again the barrel is left plain and actually narrows slightly in order to meet the shaft seamlessly. 

The dart barrels have been both coated and shot blasted to add even more grip to the ample machine grip profile. 

The coating is described as being coral in colour, in real life, in indoor light it’s less so, appearing a bit of a muted blue grey albeit the colours spasmodically flare when the board light hits them. 

The darts are presented in standard Mission packaging albeit the packaging is themed toward what is supplied. They come in a semi rigid flocked tray mounted in a point protector, fitted with short Mission Grip Lock shafts and supplied with Tetris styled Ryan Joyce themed flights.

In the hand, like so many 95% tungsten darts they “feel” heavier than they look. What I found really disconcerting was the fact that to me, holding the darts and running them through your fingers, gave me the same sensation as dragging my fingers down a blackboard. The combination of the abrasive resurfacing and the PVD coating gives a sensation that is unique in sensation. I have to admit that I found it distracting and to be honest, unpleasant. There are so many unpleasant things the surface sensation reminded me of I don’t really want to detract from the positives on this set.

Putting the negatives aside, taking the darts to the board delivered some mixed results. The darts are really well balanced and the machined grip is really positive but not super aggressive. The resulting combination of coating, blasting and machining the grip would rate 3.5 - 3.75 out of 5.

Throwing these darts is actually a lot of fun, and as I said previously they are really well balanced. Running through a number of practice routines delivered consistent results, only being held back by the fact they are much heavier than my normal 20g darts.

If you are looking for a set of darts with a very positive grip that’s more than just deep grooves, then these are worth a second look. 

Over all I’d rate them at 2.75 out of 5, they’re just not for me.