Mission Makara M2 23 gram Steel Tip Darts

Dart Review by Ralf M.

Mission Makara M2 23 gram Steel Tip Darts.

Makara, I had to know what the name meant, it was just something that bugged me, and the name just didn’t seem to be a random selection.

Makara has a few meanings in a couple of different languages. The most appropriate - Makara is a sea-creature in Hindu mythology. It is represented in Hindu religious art as having the head of an Antelope and the tail of a Crocodile. There are already some clues as to what’s in store with these Mission darts.

Just looking at them reveals very little, other than that they look great.

From the point, the nose tapers from a 3mm diameter to about 7.5mm diameter over a length of around 17mm. The nose has 9 stepped grooves with 8 radial cuts showing a checked pattern, providing great grip on the nose. What follows is a 6mm length of fine curved shark grip (about 1mm apart), and then 20mm of barrel that has 5 inverted stepped rings, each with 8 circular milled recesses at the base, aligning with the radial grooves on the nose this section tapers down slightly to meet the shaft diameter perfectly.

Mission’s description states that there is a graphite PVD coating. That has to relate to the color of the coating, because these darts just don’t slip!

The darts themselves are fitted with Black standard length points; they come with Short Grip Lock Shafts and ‘Makara” flights. They really do look the part.

I was a bit apprehensive at first, I have relatively soft hands and I could feel the grip just picking them up. That was quickly put to the back of my mind. A few walks to the board and its not hard to find “your” grip – where you need to hold the barrel to get the most out of it. Once I had the grip sorted it wasn’t long before everything started to fall into place. These are just a really nice dart to throw; they have that feel, as if you’ve always thrown them. They are a centre balanced dart, even though you’d think they were front loaded. The grip is predominantly at the rear of the dart, a bit like a crocodile’s tail.

A great set of darts, the toned down coloring is great but hides an awesome grip in the shadows.

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