Mission Darryl Fitton 22 gram Steel Tip Darts

A few years back I owned a set of Darryl Fitton darts while he was sponsored by another manufacturer.

I liked those darts, and only disposed of them because I had the opportunity to buy a set of another pro player.

So, do I like the Mission Darryl Fitton as much as the originals?

These arrived in the standard style mission packaging with a red and black theme in a flock lined tray, the barrels are fitted with the new Mission Sabre Shaft, and supplied with the Fitton themed flights - Union Jack in black on red.

The barrels have a tapered nose that start from a 3mm diameter and taper to their 6.85mm over the first 8mm of the barrel length, the surface has 5 equally spaced square cut grooves in alternating red and black.

The balance of the grip on the barrel is made up of fine radial grooves coloured in reds and blacks fishing the rear grip with a very slight scallop before breaking into a short plain section that tapers away to meet the shaft. 

I am clearly not a fan of coloured darts and would recommend instead my list of the best darts. At the same time mean no disrespect to Darryl Fitton, but I would have been less critical if they were less colourful, to my eye they look busy. The colour does nothing to enhance either their playability or their looks.

Taking them to the dartboard yielded mixed results, at first it was grip, then balance it seemed to take me an eternity to get them to respond to my throw.

It’s all about the grip on these and I just couldn’t get used to them, there was too much going on.

I tried shorter shafts and longer shafts all to no avail; they just didn’t work for me.

I think it’s a case of I didn’t like them from the beginning and didn’t want to like them so I set myself up to not get on with them from the outset.

At the board I just couldn’t make them work, going through a doubles drill there were constant wild shots where I didn’t get the grip right or couldn’t get the release right. This was repeated no matter what drill I tried. 

That said, the grip on the darts would rate 2.5-3 out of 5.

Overall this is a set that some people will love and others will hate. All I can say is that these are definitely not for me.  

I’d rate them as a 2 out of 5 a big NO from me.