Mission Axiom M1 23 gram Darts

Mission makes a great quality dart. The Axiom range is no exception to the rule. These are really dressy barrels that have a blue highlight as their central theme.

The Axiom is a 90% Tungsten dart range that comes in a few different barrel configurations.

The M1 has the grip in two distinct zones on the barrel.

The barrels have 6 equally spaced linear blue grooves that run along the length of the barrel. The barrels are a very subtle torpedo shape with a longer radius nose. The first 2 thirds of the barrel are literally made up of 20 equally spaced 1 mm wide grooves. The last third of the barrel uses the same grooves only double spaced. The effect, a great looking dart. The barrel subtly tapers down to meet the shaft confirming the torpedo shape. The barrel is finished with a standard length black point.

The grip on these is very deceptive. Looking at the number and spacing of the grooves the grip appears to be super aggressive. If you run a finger up and down the barrels, they feel smooth. Put them between your fingers and spin them on their axis and you can feel the true nature of the grip, firm, positive not quite aggressive but getting close, definitely not an unpleasant grip.

The darts are completed with Mission short Grip Lock shafts and Mission Axiom themed flights. A really impressive looking set of darts that loses nothing in the themed packaging it arrived in.

At the dart board they were a real treat to throw. They have a really positive feel no matter where your grip is, front, rear or centre. The balance is superb, and once you have “your” spot the results are consistent. Not only do they fly well, they look great in the board. This is really a set that would suit anyone who throws with a full length barrel.