Red Dragon Peter Wright Spirit 21 gram Darts

I’ll say from the outset, I’m a Snakebite fan, and doing a little bit of research on line I couldn’t find any images of Peter throwing this dart.

That’s not to say he hasn’t, I just couldn’t find any evidence of it.

So, let’s go over what we have here.

Like the majority of Slim Snakebite darts, these are 90% Tungsten, 54.6mm long and a mere 6.4mm in diameter and weigh 21g. 

Unlike previous incarnations though, these are relatively subdued in both grip design and styling. The main features go like this -

  • 26mm long standard points
  • Micro shark grip with 10 super fine linear or axial grooves
  • 4 bands of colour along the basically black barrel

Starting at the point end, the barrel has a radius nose about 5mm long. The end of the nose is followed by a 20mm section of the micro shark grip, which in turn is followed by a plain ring about 6mm long, which is again followed by another 20mm section of the micro shark grip, finally ending in a 4mm plain section that tapers away to meet the shafts. 

The darts are long and lean and look the part. 

The darts are fitted with Snakebite short black Nitrotech shafts with purple caps and Red and Blue Snakebite extra thick Hardcore flights. They arrived in a premium pack with a slide out tray. 

They take just minutes to set up and we’re at the Oche. Like previous version of Snakebite darts these are really easy to throw, and after a few shots it’s clear that the new Snakebite spirit version is a more refined version of previous releases.

The transition of colours along the barrel is subtle and well done not in paint but in a PVD coating. The colour transitions from aqua then mauve and finally red. Against a black background the colours pop, however by adding the axial grooves adds tiny silver points to the palette of colours and raises the already bright look of the darts to a new level.

The Spirit is clearly a new variation of previous versions of the Snakebite range, and as a result the only minor corrections are required to your grip. The micro shark grip provides a subtle texture change but also provides a push point surface for almost the complete barrel length.

I’m not a fan of coloured darts but in this instance the colour palette appears to represent Snakebite himself.

At the Oche it’s a little different than I expected, I found that the altered grip worked much better than the grip on the Supa Venom, and I’m certain that it would last longer than the coatings used on the Diamond editions or Elements.

The grip is only mid-range about 2.5-3.0 out of 5 but compared to previous versions is very effective but not extreme. The darts themselves compared to previous version represents great value for money for a New Release Players Dart.

They are a breeze to play with and I love the grip and the fact that I find them easy to play with.

I reckon that over all they sit at about 4.5 out of 5.

A Great value player’s dart easy to get used to and once you are in the zone with them you won’t want to put them down!