Red Dragon Hell Fire B 24 gram Darts

I remember a mate of mine used to play with a similar set many moons ago.

The Hell Fire range come in 2 styles, the A is a parallel style barrel and the B which is describe as a torpedo shaped barrel, in this case a chubby little number like yours truly.

Yet another set that aren’t player endorsed, probably because most pros play with 90% tungsten or better, and that’s the reason that these barrels are a bit thicker than similar darts.

The barrels are 45.7mm long, which is a bit shorter than the standard 50mm but it’s barely noticeable. The nose is elliptical and takes in the first 8mm of the barrel. At the end of the nose the barrel reaches its 7.2mm maximum diameter is where the grip begins. The grip is a series of 4 shallow cut rings followed by a 3mm wide plain section. The rings are repeated 4 times over a 30mm length with a 3mm plain section separating them from each other. The last 9mm of the barrel tapers away to meet the shaft.

Delivered in the Standard Red Dragon Black packaging they are supplied with a set of red Hardcore flights and fitted with a set of long VRX shafts, to complete the set they have 26mm black points fitted.

The barrels feel very nice in the hand and the grip is barely noticeable rating only a 1.5 out of 5, if you’re looking for extreme grip these aren’t for you, but they aren’t a slippery set.

At the board it didn’t take long to realise that long was too long, and in no time flat I had swapped out the long shafts for a set of in-between shafts, and then a set of short shafts. I found that the best shafts for me were the Red Dragon Nitrotech Shorts (they’re a couple of millimetres longer than standard shorts).

24g is a bit heavier than the 21g I play league with so they were a little off the mark; I had to focus on the power of the throw, even though the direction was not an issue.

The darts fly solidly; they are well balanced and feel good in the hand.

I would have enjoyed throwing them more if they were a bit lighter but, other than that they were great. The shape of the barrel makes it easy to launch and even though the grip isn’t full on I didn’t have one slip at all.

They are clearly an all-round dart and at this price point make a great acquisition or even a dart to just try something different, at a bargain price.

Overall, 3.5 out of 5, phenomenal value for money a great all-round dart set that is very open to tuning.