One of the more popular dart games for a number of players, allowing for any number to take part each player throws in turn, throwing three darts at each number, commencing at one. When all the players have had three darts at one, they throw for two, and so on, progressing as far as is decided at the start of the game, usually up to 7 or nine, depending upon the time element and the number of players involved. (Only Darts which stick in the number I am at a counter towards the score.) A treble, double and single on any number counts as a “Shanghai” or “Game Shot” unless more than one player obtains this on the same number in this event, the players concerned throw for the next number, and so on, until the game is decided. Unless the ‘Shanghai’ is scored, the player with the highest score at the end of the game is the winner. Usually two or three numbers most often five, seven and nine are nominated as ‘Shanghai’ numbers, and a player not scoring on any one of these is “Shanghaied” or out of the game.

This is a very interesting game and good practice for matches. It also caters for more players than most games (I have sometimes seen as many as 20 or more players taking part).