How To Play The Dart Game Killers


The dart game Killers is designed for at least 3 darters. The more the merrier though. It’s also one of the few games that are compatible with an odd number of players. It’s also a superb dart game to play to increase your outing skills for competition dart games like 501. The purpose of this dart game is to be the last darter with lives on the scoreboard.

You will need to write all the participants names are written down the left hand side of the score board in random order. To start you will need every darter to throw one dart at the dart board. Closest to the bullseye will start. Normally, the player that is knocked out first in the original game will start first in the following one. Next to each of the darters names you will need to place three tally marks signifying the total lives that each player has remaining. If you want a longer game then increase the lives.

The game should start with each darter in sequential order, throwing one dart with their weaker hand at the dart board. This number will be the darters number for the rest of the time they are involved in the game. The darters should write the number they hit next to their name so the number is easily remembered. If a player throws a bullseye with their dart they should re-throw until they hit a number. However, no two players can have the same number.

To follow this you must become a killer by hitting your numbers double. After a player hits their double the letter k should be written next to their name so everyone knows their now a killer. If you hit the double of a number with the dart you throw with your weaker hand you instantly become a killer. This is unless someone has already claimed that number.

Once a darter is classified as a killer they need to try and kill their opposition by hitting the doubles of their numbers. If you accidently hit your own number as a killer you also lose lives. Each hit to a player’s double only counts as one life taken per dart. If a player loses a life one tally mark is crossed off. You can obviously change up what people are aiming at if there is a gap in class between the players. In the end when the smoke clears it counts to be the last one left with any lives. 

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