Harrows Siege 22 gram Steel Tip Darts

The Harrows Siege 22 gram darts are a testament to Harrows' dedication to quality and precision. The finest injection-moulded 90% tungsten has been shaped into a mid-weighted, tapered pencil shape barrel that features precision rings grips across its length, offering a consistent grip sequence that caters to players of varying skill levels.

They're praised for a grip that is steady without being overly aggressive, providing a controlled throw. The nice straight flight of the darts is another attribute that has been appreciated, making them suitable for players who value precision in their game.

The darts are finished with a tough black titanium nitride coating, adding to their durability and sleek look, which is accentuated by the aqua Supergrip Fusion midi shafts and the new 100 micron Prime flights they come with. Match weighed to +/- 0.05g, the darts promise consistency in hand and a top-tier throwing experience.

Overall, the Siege darts are commended for their high-quality construction and attention to detail. They are a beautiful set that flies nicely and boasts a design that would suit a variety of players, making them an all-around excellent choice for anyone looking to enhance their game with reliable and stylish darts.