Harrows Rival 21 gram Steel Tip Darts

In the quest for darting precision, the Harrows Rival 21 gram Steel Tip Darts present an exceptional value proposition for both amateur and seasoned players. These darts are crafted from 90% tungsten, a hallmark of quality, allowing for slimmer profiles and a higher weight-to-volume ratio which is essential for tight groupings.

Design and Grip The Rival boasts a mid-weighted, parallel barrel that is segmented into three distinct grip zones, each separated by pronounced scallops. This design ensures consistent finger placement and a tactile reference point that can help stabilize your throw. The varying grip sequences provided by a mix of ring cuts and scallops cater to a broad range of throwing styles, making the Rivals versatile and adaptable to personal grip preferences.

Build and Quality Constructed with the highest standards at Harrows' headquarters in the UK, the Rivals are a testament to the brand's commitment to quality. The 90% tungsten used is of the finest grade, ensuring durability and long-term use. Additionally, each dart is meticulously match weighed to +/- 0.05g, ensuring each set is as identical as possible, providing consistency in every throw.

Shafts and Flights Each set comes equipped with Red Supergrip Ignite midi shafts, which offer a secure hold on the flights and contribute to the dart's stable flight path. The 100 micron Prime flights are not only robust but also complement the darts with their aesthetically pleasing design and aerodynamic construction.

Price Point Sitting at the lower end of the price range, especially for a dart of this tungsten percentage, Rival darts represent outstanding value. They are an excellent choice for players who are looking to step up their game without breaking the bank.

Final Thoughts With a sleek, tapered pencil shape and a length and diameter that hit a sweet spot for various hand sizes, the Harrows Rival darts are engineered to suit a wide audience. The considered balance between quality, design, and price makes the Harrows Rival 21g a standout choice for anyone looking to improve their game with reliable, high-performance darts.