Harrows Magnum Reloaded 22 gram Steel Tip Darts

When you hold the Harrows Magnum Reloaded 22 Gram Steel Tip Darts, you are not just holding a set of darts, you're grasping a piece of craftsmanship designed to elevate your game to new heights. Celebrating a heritage of precision that stretches back over three decades, the Magnum Reloaded range brings together a nostalgic reverence for the sport and a bold stride into modernity.

Build and Quality

The Magnum Reloaded darts boast a 97% tungsten construction, a material choice that speaks to the serious player. Tungsten, known for its mass and durability, allows for a slimmer profile without sacrificing weight – a critical factor in achieving tighter groupings. The fine injection moulding process ensures a level of consistency and precision in each barrel that seasoned players will appreciate.

Grip and Feel

Harrows has introduced an innovative segmented cubic grip on these darts. This texturing is not just visually striking but serves a functional purpose; it offers a steadfast hold no matter where your fingers rest. The tactile feedback is excellent, with each throw providing a reassuring grip that is likely to appeal to players who favour a tactile interaction with their darts.


The darts are finished with a black titanium nitride coating, giving them a sleek, aggressive look that’s sure to stand out. This coating isn't just for looks; it also adds a layer of protection against wear and tear, ensuring your darts maintain their pristine condition over many games.


Coming in at 22 grams, these darts strike a middle ground that will suit many players. The slim, tapered pencil barrel is a time-tested design that offers a classic feel, allowing for a straightforward transition for those used to traditional darts while still providing an edge in precision. The balance of the dart is also noteworthy, with the weight distributed in such a way as to encourage a stable flight path.


Accompanied by Silver Supergrip Carbon midi shafts, the darts promise an added stability in flight. The 100 micron Prime flights are not just durable but complement the overall aesthetic with a modern design. Each dart is match weighed to +/- 0.05g, an impressive feat that ensures uniformity in each set.


For the player looking to pay homage to the history of the sport while demanding the performance of contemporary design, the Harrows Magnum Reloaded darts deliver. The combination of a high-quality build, precise grip, and balanced performance makes this set a significant contender in the market and a potential favourite in your darts arsenal. Whether it's for competitive play or casual games, these darts are bound to impress with both their looks and their prowess on the board.