Harrows Luke Woodhouse 21 gram Steel Tip Darts

The Harrows Luke Woodhouse 21 gram darts are a testament to precision engineering and tailored performance. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these darts are designed to support the swift ascent of Luke "Woody" Woodhouse in the PDC rankings.

Aesthetic & Feel: The darts boast a sleek, mid-weighted, parallel barrel that is aesthetically pleasing with its smooth bull nose leading into a well-balanced body. The 90% tungsten composition gives it a slender profile and a professional feel in the hand, promoting confidence with every throw.

Grip & Design: One of the standout features of these darts is the unique all-over grip sequence. The intricately designed pattern is not just visually striking with its industrial elegance but also functional, offering a consistent grip that supports an easy release. The grip is aggressive enough to stay firm in your fingers yet subtle enough to allow for a clean departure from the hand.

Shafts & Flights: Complementing the barrels are the short Supergrip Ignite Smokey shafts that provide a stable flight path and are robust in their construction. The signature Luke Woodhouse Prime flights are the perfect accompaniment, ensuring aerodynamic perfection and a touch of personal flair reflective of Luke’s style.

Weight & Balance: At 21 grams, the choice weight of Luke Woodhouse himself, these darts offer a mid-weight balance that many players will find ideal. The distribution of weight in the parallel design allows for a stable flight and a familiar feel that both amateur and professional players can appreciate.

Package & Accessories: Harrows ensures that players receive the complete package, offering the exact setup that Luke uses in professional matches. This level of authenticity is rare and highly valued among players who wish to replicate the conditions of competitive play.

Overall Rating: The Harrows Luke Woodhouse 21 gram darts earn a solid 4.8 out of 5. They embody a perfect blend of style, substance, and performance. Whether for practice or competition, these darts are sure to elevate your game and deliver results that align with the high standards of a rising PDC star.