Harrows ICE Recut 24 gram Darts

The Harrows ICE Recut 24g darts stand out as a pinnacle of dart craftsmanship. Their premium look is matched by a mesmeric blue hue and a black titanium nitride finish, striking a perfect balance between art and function.

Constructed with a 90% tungsten alloy, they provide a reassuringly consistent throw and a longevity that caters to both the enthusiastic amateur and the dedicated professional. The precision milling adorned with an ice effect is not only visually appealing but functional, improving grip and control which is vital for precise aiming.

Their performance shines with a parallel barrel and a mixture of ring cuts, ensuring a balanced throw and an enhanced level of control. Coupled with silver Supergrip Carbon midi shafts, each dart promises a steady trajectory, adding to their reliable performance.

ICE Recut darts include 100 micron ICE flights, renowned for their durability and stable flight path. Each dart is match weighed to a precise +/- 0.05g, highlighting Harrows' meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality.

In conclusion, the Harrows ICE Recut 24g darts are a testament to Harrows' dedication to precision. They are highly recommended for any player serious about the game, capable of elevating both competitive and casual play.