Elkadart Razor 21g Steel Tip Darts

Dart Review by Ralf M.

Elkadart Razor 21g Steel Tip Darts

This is an old design and it’s been around for a long time. I originally had a set of 19g darts same design, except the shark grip was painted black in those days.


Let’s start with the design, being an 80% Tungsten dart, the barrels are naturally a bit thicker at 7mm and only a touch over 46.5mm long. As the weight increases on heavier Razor darts the barrel length and diameter increases accordingly.


I don’t understand painting the grip section in a deep blue. The colour is OK, but the result is a clumsy, uneven coating that doesn’t feel good at all. It felt as though the dart would slip out of my hand, although it didn’t, it was distracting.


I noticed that after a few walks to the board the paint started to chip where the darts had collided when in the board.


I think I said before I wasn’t a fan of coloured darts, PVD coatings are tough and durable and will come off in time, the blue paint on these started to shed immediately. My next step would be to remove the coating on these with a wire brush or paint remover and move on.The barrels without the paint are pure shark grip, and feel great, they are positive in the hand and well balanced. 


At the current price point they are exceptional value for money, and Elkadart have been around for a long time.


A nice set of darts, let down in its presentation in particular an ordinary paint job.


Good value for money on an entry level 80% Tungsten Dart!

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