Elkadart Excalibur 80% Nickel Tungsten 14 gram Soft Tip Darts

Today we are reviewing the Elkadart Excalibur 80% Nickel Tungsten 14 gram Soft Tip Darts. The darts are currently available in weights of 14, 16 and 18 gram.

The darts come in traditional Elkadart packaging which includes top quality aluminium shafts and 100 micron Signature dart flights. All housed in a plastic carry case. A point protector and a spare set of soft tip points are also included.

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The barrels of the 14 gram Excalibur darts are 43.1mm long and have a diameter of 6.4mm.

The barrel design is quite basic with grooves at the front and rear of the barrel with a smooth section in the centre. The Excalibur would be a 3 on the Deadeye Grip Rating Scale. The Deadeye Grip Rating is based on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 having the most grip.

All Elkadart darts are manufactured in England.

Over time the packaging may vary.

With the addition of the Excalibur Soft Tip Darts we now stock 996 different sets of steel tip darts, 112 soft tip darts, 1192 dart flights, 471 dart shafts, 165 dart accessories, 47 darts cases plus 46 dart specials. We have also introduced 672 new darts products over the last 6 months.

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