Dimitri Van den Bergh G2 90% Tungsten Swiss Point 23 gram Darts - D2756

Let’s start with a simple comparison between the Gen 1 and the Gen 2. I wasn’t a fan of the Gen 1 by any stretch of the imagination; I found the grip too busy and for me, required way too much concentration on the grip and throw to make them an intuitive dart to play with.

The Gen2 on the other hand, conformed more to a conventional design, also a very similar barrel design to the darts he was using in his pre-Target days.

In my humble opinion this is where Target should have started The Dreammaker’s dart barrel journey.

The Gen 2 barrels (in 23g) are just less than 49mm long from end to end and 6.4mm in diameter.

They are a pencil style barrel, with a radius style nose; the nose portion is approximately 12mm long with a centrally machined micro groove pattern. Moving further toward the rear, the primary grip zone appears to be a variation of a smaller version of a purist style profile continuing for about 21mm, the grip then breaks off and we have 9mm of plain, smooth silver Tungsten alloy punctuated by 3 x 1mm wide grooves separated by 2mm plain spots, after the last ring the last 3mm of the barrel tapers away to 5.6mm in order to meet the outside diameter of the barrels perfectly.

They’re fitted with Silver DX Swiss points which are a mix of Diamond grip points, Nano Grip Points and have a 3 ring finger grip closest to the barrel.

The shafts installed are ‘Sand’ in colour Short Pro Grip shafts with Dimitri van den Bergh flights incorporating Black sides and the Belgium Flag colours on a Sand coloured background.

Just on the accessories, I was a bit disappointed in the flights, for a few reasons:

  • They are 100 micron thick and manage to ‘slip’ out of the shafts constantly.
  • The flights mark really easily and become tatty and twisted quickly

On the up side the Swiss point design is really well thought out if you use a finger on the point. Not to mention the diamond grip / Nano Grip hold the darts in the board securely.

Taking them to the oche it took a little bit of time to make them fly the way I liked best. I always use the out of box set up as a guide line and work back to where I like them best. To save the flights I swapped them to a conventional 100 micron plastic flight and swapped the shafts to a 36mm Hybrid style.

By working with the position of the existing grip points It wasn’t long before I had them going where I threw them 95% of the time.  The results were consistent and satisfying, the barrel layout made finger placement and grip an intuitive experience, Practice drills were somewhat a case of retraining exercise but most of all, fun.

Grip is comfortable but not uncomfortable or imposing. Value wise, a set of player darts at this price point? Yep and good value overall.


Grip Rating: 2.0-2.5 out of 5.0

Value Rating: 3.75 out of 5.0

Overall Rating: 4.25 out of 5.0