Deadeye Cheetah BARRELS ONLY Darts

Like most House Brand Products the Deadeye Darts Cheetah is likely a dart that is overlooked because it is not one of the fashionable icons of the genre.

Like many other house-brands they are both underrated and maligned not because they are inferior, but because they are perceived as not being at the same product level as the name brand.

Let me state a simple fact, many of the more elite brand dart products are actually made in China! The Deadeye darts range including the Cheetah are actually engineered and manufactured in England, the home of our game. 

This set is the basic “barrels only” version and comes in as Darts, Point protector Deadeye Check out card in a small heat-sealed pack.

My first though when I unpacked them was “what shafts?”

Clearly getting way ahead of myself, let’s look at what makes up the barrels.

The barrel is available in 21, 23 and 25 gram weights and has a twin grip design.

The barrel has a tapered nose that leads into a nice straight parallel barrel, tapered nose leading up to a parallel barrel. The portion directly behind the nose is a bit out of step with the forward grip, a single narrow groove followed by an angled groove that looks like it could have been the beginning of a shark grip but instead is followed by 11 fine grooves about 1mm apart. The rear half of the barrel is a fine shark grip. The last 4mm tapers off to meet the shaft and contains the etched Deadeye darts logo.

Even though the rear of the barrel is shark grip, the grip overall is only about 2.5 out of 5.0 the barrel grip is really not at all aggressive, it’s a middle of the road grip that gives a little more push control to the player that holds the rear of the barrel as opposed to the front.

I tried the barrel with a number of different length shafts, but found that a short shaft gave me the best results, using standard shape flights. It’s fair to say that my regular shaft length is short and if you prefer a different length then that’s where you should start.

It’s an easy barrel to throw; its center balanced and flies very nicely with the correct accessories attached. My regular practice drills yielded results that would indicate the barrels are something I could play with easily. Online photos don’t do them justice, they look much better in the real life.

These are 90% Tungsten barrels and are well finished; the front grooves have been filled with yellow paint and are supplied in their point protector. At this price point they represent great value for money for either the beginner or the seasoned dart player, meaning you can lash out on some stems and flights while you’re there.

While you’re there saving money, for about $10 extra you can buy the same darts as a package, that way they come complete with 2 sets of Deadeye Dead-ringer Shafts, 2 sets of Deadeye 100 micron Flights and a Somersby Dart Case.

Like I said, this is a set that would definitely be overlooked for a brand name set of darts. Whether you’re new to the game or you’ve been at it for years don’t ignore the great range of barrels styles in the Deadeye Range of Darts.

4 out of 5 stars