Deadeye 3 Set Dart Case

Review by Ralf M.

Deadeye 3 Set Dart Case.

Where do I start?

The Outside dimensions are 17cm x 18cm x 11cm.

The out case is nylon, with a central Zipper and carry handles, not an overly large footprint by any stretch of the imagination.

Opening it up the case is split neatly in the centre. The dart storage section is secured with a Velcro tab so that your precious arrows are kept safe and secure. The divider has 6 pockets that can be used to hold flights and shafts. The storage side of the case had 2 sections each containing a “tube” to hold accessories. A square tube that will hold flights such as Robson or 8 Flights protecting them from being crushed or damaged. And a cylindrical tube that can hold Soft tips conversion points shaft rings and so many other useful bits and pieces. The possibilities are literally endless. Next to the tubes is a Tray 9cm x 15 cm x 2.5cm deep for tools cases and even more darts!

Opening the Velcro tab, the divider on this side has a single full width pocket. The tray is divided into two sections one with a single cylindrical tube and the other with a foam inset that holds 3 assembled sets of darts very comfortably. The limit to what you can carry with you is endless, I think the uses for this case is unlimited – Darts Flights and accessories all have a home in this little beauty, whether you carry more than one set with you when you play or whether you share the storage with your better half, that’s up to you. The only limitation is that the overall length of assembled darts is limited to 15cm.

If you share your case, carry a spare set or can’t make up your mind which set is the one you’ll play with, then this is the case for you!

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