Datadart Sawtooth 23 gram Steel Tip Darts

Dart Review by Ralf M.

Datadart Sawtooth 23 gram Steel Tip Darts

When I unpacked these the first thing that went through my mind was Oh No, Sawtooth.

I’m from the metal trade and my father was a carpenter. Sawtooth brought visions of darts with a massive pointy ^ profile.

Boy was I wrong! These were one set of dart that was really easy to get used to straight out of the box.

The barrels are 48mm long with a nicely rounded nose that is 6mm long, this is followed by alternating Groove, smooth, groove sections. The grooves being of similar profile to a Purist grip. This makes up the first 24mm of the barrel. What then follows is a 2mm wide flat section, then a 2mm wide square cut groove approximately 1mm deep, this is repeated 5 times and the barrel is finished with a 5mm wide flat section chamfered at the shaft end to meet the diameter at the shaft.

So as you can see the barrel is simple in its complexity the result is a grip that with the number of 90degree angles should be really aggressive, but instead feels extremely positive.

They are supplied with a set of long shafts and white shafts. Again a nice looking package, but the shafts were definitely too long for me.

These were quickly swapped out for a set of short shafts.

These are a really good set of darts for people who grip their darts by the rear of the barrel. As I said the barrels are surprisingly non aggressive in the feel on your fingers. The grip is sure and the darts easy to throw and control, lending themselves to allowing the easy correction of the height and direction that you are throwing.

This was a set of darts that not only I enjoyed throwing, but my wife took to them as well.

Highly recommended for anyone who grips over the full barrel. Sadly the name is likely off putting for some, but definitely a really nice set of darts.

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