Command the Oche with Colin Lloyd: Red Dragon's Precision Engineered 22g Darts

Red Dragon's Colin Lloyd 22g darts are a testament to the vibrant essence of one of the most spirited figures in professional darts. Embodying Lloyd's renowned "Joie de vivre," these darts promise not only visual delight but exceptional performance.

From the moment you hold these darts, the meticulous craftsmanship is evident. The barrels, forged from 90% tungsten, offer a slender, pencil-like shape that caters to players who favour a streamlined profile for tight groupings. The grip is nothing short of remarkable, featuring intricate machining that provides a consistent feel and ensures that each dart sits comfortably and securely in hand. Moreover, the blue and white colour scheme, intertwined with the sleek silver of tungsten, reflects Lloyd's dynamic personality on the dartboard.

The 48.30mm barrel length strikes a balance between control and ease of release, while the 6.60mm diameter affords a comfortable grip for a wide range of hand sizes. With a weight of 22 grams, these darts offer a sturdy presence without being overbearing, suitable for both seasoned players and those looking to make a serious entrance into the sport.

Red Dragon complements the barrels with their Nitrotech polycarbonate medium shafts, known for their durability and the stability they lend to each throw. Paired with the Hardcore extra thick standard flights, the darts cut through the air with a steadfast trajectory, designed to minimize drag and optimize lift.

Colin Lloyd's endorsement isn't just a stamp of approval; it's a statement of the confidence these darts inspire with their "phenomenal grip" and "utterly amazing" aesthetics. As with all high-quality dart sets, there might be variations in packaging, shafts, and flights over time, but the essence of Lloyd's spirited game remains a constant with this set.