The Best Winmau Darts

Winmau is a household name in the wide world of darts - and for good reason. The company has certainly done its time earning the love of players both amateur and professional, with decades thriving in the competitive darts industry. Today, the Winmau name can be seen just everywhere darts are thrown – from adorning some of the best dartboards around to flying from the hands of world champion players

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So if you’re looking to treat yourself to a new set of darts, here’s a buyer’s guide for the best of Winmau Darts. With a huge range of high-quality hardware available in a variety of styles, shapes and weights, Winmau is here to help you ‘win more’. Keep reading for everything you need to know about picking your next set of professional darts.

The History of Winmau

Winmau has been at the leading edge of the darts industry for more than 70 years. Founded in 1945, this now global brand has persisted through countless changes to the game – from the early days of solid elm dartboards, to paper coil boards, to today’s industry benchmark sisal dartboards. Anywhere they’re sold, Winmau’s iconic, hand-made dartboards are a guarantee of quality and reliability. 

Today, the high-quality hardware produced by Winmau also includes some of the best darts in the game. With a collection ranging from affordable, beginner-friendly brass darts, all the way to the exclusive and ultra-sleek, pro-branded gear, the Winmau name has seen players rise from the pub floor to the stage at the Winmau World Masters.

The best steel tip Winmau darts

Whether you’re just starting out or you’re ready to take your skills to the next level, Winmau’s collection of precision-machined steel tip darts should be your first port of call. With a broad range of barrel weights, materials, shapes and balances available, there’s a Winmau dart to suit every play style, no matter how advanced.

Here are some top picks from the Winmau steel tip range available at Deadeye Darts.

Winmau Maverick

Winmau Maverick 21 Gram Steel Tip

Sleek, simple and dependable, the Winmau Maverick is a front-loaded beauty perfect for players old and new to get their hands on. Crafted from an 80% tungsten alloy, the Maverick strikes a solid balance between affordability and durability. The slightly wider forward grip gives this dart a front-weighted balance, so any players trying to master a tight, forward grip will have a breezy time learning on the Maverick. Weighted firmly within the professional range, this dart is an easy throw without the bells and whistles.

Winmau Overdrive 25 Gram Steel Tip

If you’re looking for a flexible dart and a touch of flair in your play, the Winmau Overdrive certainly delivers. With a striking red-banded design and balanced grip, this is a dart to suit a variety of play styles and tastes. Landing on the heavier end of the professional range, the Overdrive is also suitable for newer players who feel at ease with a sturdy throw, while also giving the opportunity to develop more professional grip techniques and form.

Winmau Simon Whitlock Special Edition 22 Gram Steel Tip

Don’t let appearances turn you off of this incredible dart. Its stunning finish and versatility are more than just trimmings for the show ponies out there. Featuring an array of grips and a beautifully-balanced barrel, this colourful specimen is a true champion’s tool. The wide-cut scallop is a touch-point for players who prefer a full-handed grip, while the flanking grooves allow the experienced dart player to alternate grip styles and experiment to the point of perfection. If you’re on the hunt for a capstone to your dart pro-level dart collection, this Simon Whitlock beast should be on your list.

The best soft tip Winmau darts

Opting for soft tip darts doesn’t have to mean downgrading in quality. Whether you’re competing or playing on your home electronic set-up, Winmau’s soft tip range has a professional-quality soft tip dart for you. 

Here are some select favourites from the Winmau soft tip range.

Winmau Jeff Smith

Winmau Jeff Smith 20 Gram Soft Tip

Slim, versatile and straight to the point, these signature darts by Canadian champion Jeff Smith are a strong addition to any player’s arsenal – whether experienced or amateur. With a narrow, balanced pencil barrel, this premium soft tip dart suits a range of grips and play styles. The dart’s 90% tungsten make provides reasonable heft for its narrow profile, while the rich purple contrasts beautifully with the alternating black and polished pattern. A quality piece of gear, no matter the play.

Winmau Mervyn King Special Edition 20 Gram Soft Tip

When you’re trying to master your own style, it helps to have solid hardware to guide you. This sleek and dangerous-looking special edition dart combines flair with functionality, featuring three scallop grips on an evenly-balanced barrel. Ultimately flexible, this unique dart offers a range of grip styles, while helping players to hone their holds with the wide barrel and even wider apexes between scallops. This is a dart designed to look good and play great.

Winmau Michael van Gerwen Absolute 22 Gram Soft Tip

If you’re a fan of steel tip darts, you’re most likely accustomed to a heavier throw than what the average soft tip delivers. This expertly-crafted piece by Winmau places you right in the professional median, with a solid 22-gram weight. Its relatively narrow pencil barrel allows for a variety of grip styles, whether tight and forward, or full-handed. With a classic, uncomplicated profile and subtle grip detailing, this Michael van Gerwen piece is an absolute winner.

The best Winmau darts for beginners

Despite its championship rating and professional accolades, Winmau is a brand that serves all skill levels and play styles. If you’re a novice player, this household name makes a brilliant variety of standard and specialist darts to help you learn the basics or find your niche.

If you’re keen to do as the masters do without breaking the bank, the Winmau Wildcats 22 Gram Steel Tip is a fantastic option. Beautifully weighted, slim and affordable, this professional-quality 90% tungsten dart is all about style and simplicity with a pencil barrel that will help you hone your style.

If you would prefer a weightier barrel to start out, the Winmau Diablo Type 2 28 Gram Steel Tip delivers that extra bit of mass so you can work on building a relaxed and smooth form.

The best Winmau darts for professionals

When you’re playing at the highest level, quality is everything. That’s why Winmau’s is a mark trusted by some of the most celebrated professionals in the game. For a strong all-rounder dart, the Michael van Gerwen Aspire 22 Gram steel tip is a precision piece with the chops to deliver. Featuring a moderately wide pencil barrel, this simple and beautiful dart ensures effortless play with serious power.

For professionals looking to work outside the box, the Winmau collection also offers a range of specialty darts. Chief among these alternative wonders is the Winmau Simon Whitlock Onyx 21 Gram Steel Tip. With its striking black and gold finish and sharply tapered barrel, this glorious number delivers on power, performance and pizazz.

Winmau FAQs

Are Winmau darts worth the money?

Winmau darts are always a standout in terms of quality and value for money. With professional-standard machine manufacturing systems, guaranteed to deliver darts within 0.2 grams weight deviation, a Winmau purchase is always a wise one. Whether you’re looking for a sturdy, dependable dart or something with a touch of flair, Winmau has the range to cover it.

How should I take care of my Winmau darts?

In a sport where precision counts in every throw, care and maintenance are just as important as skill and form. To best care for your darts, you need to know how to look after every element. This includes careful point maintenance as well as proper storage to keep your grips lustrous and your flights in good nick.

Are Winmau darts good for beginners?

The Winmau collection is incredibly versatile, meaning they’re a fantastic choice for every play – from the most occasional dabbler all the way to the league-winning champion. If you’re just starting out, Winmau features affordable, easy-to-use darts that give you a taste of how the professionals play.