Mission Carbon Dart Shafts

Dart Shaft Review by Ralf M.

Mission Carbon Shafts

While shafts are “consumables” everyone wants to get the best bang for their buck. For me they need to suit my darts, they need to be value for money; they need to be hard to destroy.

I have tried many different styles and brands of shafts, too many to list here. I get a little tired of constant “robin hooding” and destroying shafts. 

The Mission Carbon Shafts appear to be a alternative to regular shafts, they have a smaller than average footprint at the flight end making it harder to Robin Hood them, if you a spring ring, it provides reinforcement and resistance against following darts destroying those already in the board. I’ve given these a solid workout and have yet to damage one. They’re light, tough and streamlined. I like them a lot!

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