Mission Paradox M2 22g - Steel Tip Darts

Dart Review by Ralf M.

Mission Paradox M2 22g 

Mission has released a dart in this case that is true to its name.

This is a really nice looking dart. Torpedo shaped barrel, red & black on silver colouring, unusual ring profile, but a nice grip. 

The paradox being, they looked the part, but, I could not throw these with any kind of consistency no matter how hard I tried. 

I tried the Mission Komodo and was impressed with the level of grip, ease of throw, and above all the consistency and grouping I could get fresh out of the pack. 

In this case I found that beyond the good looks there really was a Paradox, well for me at any rate.

Looking at the grip profile, the grip is a series of concave grooves with alternating square cut rings that are about 0.5mm wide. The end of the barrel is black and the last concave groove helps bring the end of the barrel to a parallel finish. The darts are finished with black points. The grip was very positive, and not overly aggressive but, and it was the “but” that I couldn’t identify but for me it wasn’t a good thing.

These actually remind me of a dart made by another company that stopped manufacturing in 2019.

The dart out of the box looks great, although it’s hard to tell where the barrel ends and the shafts begin. Standard length points, 48.5mm barrel with a 34mm Black Grip Lock shaft. Finished with metallic Red & Black Paradox flights the darts really look cool.

Throwing them though, I really had difficulty finding my grip point on the barrel, I tried all positions, front, rear and centre but it just didn’t happen for me. I found that I just couldn’t bend them to my will. It’s like they had a mind of their own!

I even tried longer shafts but nothing worked for me.

This is the first set of darts that beat me, as much as I wanted them to be the “ones” I have to mark these as “not for me”.

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