Phil Taylor Interview

I was listening to the most recent podcast of an interview between Phil Taylor and LiveDarts last week at the Target launch of its new dart products.

It was interesting to hear Phil Taylor say that he was thinking about coming back to playing darts again as he would like to take on Michael van Gerwyn and Gary Anderson.

Taylor said that he was impressed by the launch of new dart products that have come out, in particular, with the new Swiss points that have been introduced by Target. He likened these products to that of driving a new car and said that he was keen to give them a try.

Taylor commented that the Darts practice room was very quiet compared to how it used to be when he used to play. The younger players all have IPods in their ears so there is not much banter going on. There is little camaraderie and certainly not a lot of fun.

The game has got very serious and the money to be won is very high. It can be a quick career if you perform poorly.