Pentathlon Dart Flights

Without a doubt one on the best dart flights ever produced. The flights are manufactured from 100 micron polyester in a vast range of designs in all the various shapes, including vortex, lantern, slim speed as well as the usual standard, pear and tear drop. There is even the mini in the range. 

As they maintain their rigidity your darts fly truer giving you greater consistency. It also helps considerably if you use flight protectors as these little accessories help the flight maintain near perfect shape. Not to forget the extra wear your get from the heavier polyester.

The price quoted is for one set of 10 or more of exactly the same flight sets. The price was current as at 11 May 2009 but may vary in time. A set is 3 flights.

Mind you there are other 100 micron polyester that we stock, including the Amazon Poly range as well as the Ruthless dart flights.