Wow, what a release of new darts and other related dart products. First, there are now fewer than 42 individual sets of steel tip darts. They include the Target Elysian Fifth Edition Steel Tip 24 gram Dart, which is a limited edition dart, apparently, there are only 200 sets produced, each set is individually numbered.

Then there are the Carrera V-Stream darts which comprise 3 different series or designs and each series is available in three different weights. That makes 13 sets so far, next we have the latest concept in steel tip dart, Swiss Point Dart, the point screw in the actual barrel of the dart, a special tool is needed to change or replace points but this is included with each set of Swiss Point darts. The tool can be purchased separately. The only problem we can see going forward is that an issue could arise if you endeavour to replace a point with a traditional point puller.

The Swiss Point Darts are available in three different shapes. Each version is available in several weights ranging from 21 to 26 grams.

Next up is the Adrian Lewis Generation 4 darts which are available in 22, 24 and 26-gram weights.

The new Phil Taylor 9-Five Generation 6 SP Dart – the SP stands for Swiss Point, that’s correct the new Phil Taylor Darts are fitted with the innovative Swiss Point which we mentioned earlier. The darts are available in 22,24 and 26-gram weights. 

The Rob Cross Black 80% Tungsten Dart is next on the list. They appear the same as the ordinary tungsten barrels except they are coated in a powder-coated black.22 and 24-gram versions are available.

Next, two new additions to the Agora Verde range, this is the AV04 design, a good value dart available in 22 and 24 grams.

They keep coming, now we have the Generation Two Darts for Darryl Fitton available in 22, 24 and 26 grams. This dart has a nice torpedo shape which makes them a little different.

There are three different weights in the Target Daytona Fire DF-04 series, the barrels are a contoured shape which makes them a little different from the earlier versions.

The Target Phil Taylor Power 8-Zero G2 Darts are entirely different from the original version, with three weights of 22, 24 and 26 grams. If you are looking for a great set of 80% tungsten darts these could be what you are looking for.

Last, there is the Phil Taylor Power Black 8-Zero P8Z4 version, which is also available in three weights. This front-loaded black titanium coated dart is intricately machined which has resulted in a real standout.

Other products released in September will be covered shortly. Keep an eye out in Deadeye Darts News.