Mighty Grip originated in the United States and has grown to be in over 40 countries world wide. The Mighty Grip powder is the product that sets Mighty Grip apart from the rest.
About Mighty Grip Powder

* Safe to use for all ages.
* Patented eco friendly formula.
* Used in 28 countries worldwide.
* Parriffin based
* Does not transfer, pill or stain or gulg.
* Use sparingly as a little will go a long way.
* Does not require to be constantly reapplied.
* Does not contain any silicone, and or cream.
* It is odourless, waterproof and is sweat proof.
* Change activity & carry the same tube with you.
* Use it indoors and or outdoors and in any weather.
* The Mighty Grip formula adapts to your body temperature.
* Apply directly on your body part that requires a non-slip surface.
* To remove just you can just wash it off with soap & water - it's that easy.
* For best results apply to clean dry skin after stretching and warm up and before starting your activity.
* Economical - each pocket size tube can be used normally 150 times for a cost of about 10 cents a time and postage savings on multiple orders reduces this even more.
* Use responsibly & avoid storage in temps over 65° C
the better your grip the less you slip

Directions for use

Apply to clean, dry skin. Sprinkle on palms and fingers. Make a fist until tackiness develops. The product is heat activated, so tackiness developes while you need it. One application lasts for hours.

6 Reasons to Choose Mightty Grip

provides far superior anti-slip surface to chalk or resin

one application lasts for hours - no need to be constantly re-applied

does not come off with sweat

will not pill or transfer

can be easily removed with soap and water

environmentally friendly and silicone free