Today we are reviewing the Michael van Gerwen 25 gram 90% Tungsten Darts from Master Darts - these darts are made in Holland and are available in weights of 21, 23 and 25 gram. The complete range is available from Deadeye Darts.

The darts come in this Master Darts packaging which includes signature dart flights, nylon shafts and a plastic ABS Carry Case. The nylon shafts are a little ordinary.

The barrels of the 25 gram darts are 50.2mm long and have a diameter of 6.8mm

As you can see the barrels are quite intricate in design which translates into a dart with surprising grip. On a grip rating of one to five with five having the most grip, these barrels are a four.

Over time the packaging may vary.

An exract from the book "Darts" by Noel E Williamson

"As I have stated I think the bristle-typr dart board is the best, but some publicans cling tenaciously to the old wooden-type dart board, which is particularly hardwearing if soaked in water regularly, and therefore, justifies their confidence in it."

Things have certainly changed since this book was published in 1967. The book is a good read, I was lucky enough to obtaina copy on