Remember the day that you felt like you had found that perfect set of darts? They suited your own personal throw and just…..’felt good’.


The popularity of playing darts just gets bigger and better every year. This seems to be both a blessing and a curse. Yes, that means more people to challenge to a game of darts (and hopefully win against!!!) but there are also so many different types of darts to choose from.


Here at Deadeye, we love our darts and pride ourselves in having the largest range of darts and accessories in Australia, but we also know this can be very overwhelming, even if you have been playing darts for years.


The No.1 question we are asked is ‘I have just started playing darts and was wondering which set of darts I should get?’ There really is no right or wrong set of darts, but here is my advice for anyone who is lucky enough to of just started playing the awesome (yet sometimes also frustrating!!! ) game of darts:-


  1. Don’t spend too much money on your first set of darts,
  2. Don’t overthink the specifications or the description of the darts – just get a set ‘you’ like,
  3. Try different things – the shape of the flight and length of the stem can make a difference to your throw,
  4. But most important, darts is a social game so just have fun with it….