I.C.E. Darts are manufactured in Harrows laboratories in England. The purest 90% tungsten powder is fused with nickel, iron and zinc using an Isostatic Cold Extrusion process, to create a billet of unrivalled concenctricity and uniform high density. Each barrel is individually machined to create a unique radical shape, featuring reverse cut brooves for extra thrust and ultimate repeatable control. As a permanent reminder of the coolest darts on the planet check out the individual laser marking on each barrel. Actually on the packaging they are called White I.C.E. but assume the White has been dropped by most retailers.

Complete in manucaturers packaging which includes Super Grip Dart shafts, Harrows Marathon 100 micron dart flights and stylish ABS plastic Carry Case. Check out the image below.

The price shown in the image above was current as at 21 January 2011 but will no doubt change in time.

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