High & Low.

These two dart games are actually almost identical. Both games can be played with any number of darters, including an odd one. You want to be the only darter at the end of the game with any lives left.

You begin by writing down the darters names on the left hand side of the scoreboard. You will need to work out who starts the game first, so ever player should throw one dart at the dart board. Closest to the bullseye will go first and the furthest away obviously shoots last in the first game. However the player first out in the original game will go first in the next game and so on. You will also need to put three marks next to the players names so as to indicate the total number of lives that player has remaining. You can have more lives if you want the game to go for longer.

To start the dart game high the first darter lobs two darts at the same time to set a starting number the numbers hit by those two darts are added together to make the starting figure. The next player must beat that number with their three darts which they throw in conventional style. The next player must then beat that score. Ties count as not beating the number. However if one of the players fails to beat the score they lose a life and must re-throw until they set a new figure to beat. If you loose all your lives you are not the best high player, you should probably bow down to a superior darter.

Low works the opposite way. Once the number is set by the first player the second player must then get a lower score then the original person. Then the next player tries to get an even lower score then that and so on. However if you hit a bullseye you get minus 25 points and if you hit the inner bullseye its minus 50 points so the best low score you can get is -150. Again you continue until one player is remaining with lives.