Fox Hunt.

The Fox Hunt dart game is a little more challenging then most other dart games. Because of this we would say that this is better suited to intermediate and above skill levels. It is probably also better played by just two players. The object of the game is for the fox to get to his burrow before the hound and obviously the hound needs to catch the fox before it gets back to the burrow. Both participants will have an opportunity to be the fox and the hound. Whichever participant advances the furthest as the fox will end up winning the game.

There is probably no point in conventional scoring, however you will need to remember which number you got up to as the fox and which number your opponent ends on as the fox. So to begin this face-paced dart game both darters need to throw one dart each at the dartboard. The closest darter to the bullseye will be the fox.

The darter that starts as the fox will begin on the wedge, 20. To advance to the next number the fox must hit both a single and double twenty. They only receive three darts to per turn. The hound then begins on the wedge, 18. They must hit just the double to continue. Then continue around the board counter-clockwise trying to hit the double of the number that the fox is on. The hound also only receives three throws per turn. If they miss on the first whole round of the dartboard they must continue around the board. If the fox gets back to the 20 only a double 20 is needed to finish their round is over and they have reached the burrow and are safe and their turn has ended. Then the roles would be reversed. If the fox is caught by the hound they both remember the number the fox finished on and again reverse roles. Once roles are reversed the original fox must try to stop the second fox from getting further around the board then they did. If they succeed they win.

If both foxes make it to the same number or both get home, you can either call the game a tie or replay until someone slips up and a winner is evident. Simple strategies would have to be when you’re the fox run as fast as you can round that board. As the hound be accurate and catch that sneaky fox.