Castle can be played by as little or as many players as you want; having either an odd or even number of people doesn’t matter in the slightest. The purpose of the game is to be the first participant to build a castle as represented below:

To begin the game you will need to get everyone playing to throw one dart. Closet to the bullseye will begin and all the rest of the players follow in sequential order based on how close they were to the bullseye, furthest away obviously goes last. The names of the participants should be written on your scoreboard in sequential throwing order with their version of the castle as pictured. Each participant then throws one dart with the opposite hand they usually throw with and the number they hit whether it is a triple or double it doesn’t matter. Whatever plain number is hit it will be their number for the rest of the game. The number should be written on the scoreboard will the players name. If a bullseye is hit a re-throw would need to occur.

After each participant has revealed their target number for the game, the same number can be shared by two players it is insignificant, you throw three darts at your target number. Each hit you colour in, cross or tick off a box, for doubles of your target number its worth two boxes and three boxes for triples. A player may however also choose to stop another player advancing by attacking their castle. You can choose to build your own castle by hitting your predetermined number or eliminate boxes of someone else’s castle by hitting their number. The same score system still counts for attacking other players castle so if you are number 5 they are trying to hit the number 10 and you hit a triple 10, double 10, 5. Then your opponent who was aiming at the ten would loose 5 boxes and you would gain 1 box. You also can’t send another player into negative boxes. So if they have no boxes checked, don’t aim at their number. However if a players building a little too quickly you may need to knock them off their pedestal by hitting their number. In the end all that matters is who fills their boxes first and creates the castle. They will be declared castle champion. Until next game.