Bullseye Baseball.

This is a fairly difficult game but super fun when you get the hang of it. Everyone can play; you can play with a couple of people or as teams. The point of the game is reasonably simple. You have to score as many runs in each inning as possible and the team or player that has the highest total at the end of the game wins bragging rights.

You will start by writing the numbers 1 to 9 in ascending order on the left hand side of your specified scoreboard. All the players’ names should then be written in sequential batting order across the top of the scoreboard. This can be determined by one dart from each player and measuring closest to the bullseye. Alternatively you can play scissors, paper, rock if it tickles your fancy a little more.

Each participant then proceeds to throw three darts at the board. To score in the first inning you must hit 1’s, in the second inning, 2’s etc. However you must hit a bullseye with one of your three darts to score those runs for that inning. Outer bullseye’s count for x1 however whatever you score is multiplied by 2 if you hit the inner bullseye, and doubles count as two runs and triples as three. Therefore, the highest possible score you can get in one innings is 12 which would be made up of; inner bullseye, triple a, triple a, a being the number your hitting for that specific innings. E.g. For fourth inning it would be inner bullseye, triple 4, triple 4 in any order.

The easiest way to keep a total throughout the game is probably by using a tally system marking out the innings total and adding it to the grand total after each player or team has finished throwing. That way participants can see how far behind they are and how good they need to throw that following innings. I would also suggest if you are getting flogged by a superior darter then definitely resort to borking. Any wins a good one.

If there happens by some miracle that all the players choke and there is a tie at the end of the ninth and final inning an extra inning should be undertaken with caution. Normally bullseyes are the tie-breaker, they also only count as one run in the extra innings. This continues until someone losses and bows down to the master.