Blind Killers is an awesome game, it’s a variation of the original kills that has been designed to be played with at least 3 people. However the sky’s the limit. It’s one of only few games to be able to play with an odd number of people. Its also a game of luck, memory and honesty so play amongst friends.

The names of the participants are placed on the left-hand side of the scoreboard in any order. As a general rule the player who gets eliminated first gets to throw first in the following game. For the original game all participants throw one dart and the closest to the bullseye throws first.

You will need to put three marks next to each players name; these will indicate how many lives that each participant has remaining. The style of play is inherently identical to the standard Killers’ game excluding the fact that none of the opponents will know what the other opponent’s numbers are. So here’s a brief run through of play if you don’t already know how to play Killers.

All the numbers from 1 right through to 20 are placed on little bits of paper and placed in a tub or hat. All participants then take a slip and remember the number on their slip because that number will be theirs for the whole game. However you do not need to throw at your double to start with because you would obviously give away your number. So instead you need to throw any bull to begin. Inner or outer is fine. The game then clearly relies on honesty and sound memory. Every player must remember to watch their own number intently and remember how many lives they have remaining. Once your third life is taken, you’re required to take a seat and watch someone claim the blind Killer’s title. You can also alter the game depending on what skill level everyone is. You can obviously use doubles and triples for better players and the thin and thick parts of the wedges for average to not so good players. There is obviously no real strategy to this enjoyable game it’s really pure luck. However you can pick up physical tells of them if you hit their number so watch carefully and enjoy. Obviously the way to win is to be the last one left with any lives. Then take a bow and start bragging about how good your darting is.