This game is quite complicated but a whole lot of fun. It can be played with a minimum of two players or up to as many as a few teams. You’ll need to keep a pad and pen handy in addition to the scoreboard. The main aim of the game is to sink all your opponents’ ships before they sink yours!

You begin by each throwing one dart at the bullseye, the closest will begin. The scoreboard is then divided into the number of columns needed. (If two players, then two columns will be needed.) Each of the participants names or darting aliases depending on how creative you are, are written in order across the top of the columns. Four ships are drawn in each of the participant’s columns with one of the following numbers in each ship; 2, 3, 4, 5. Each number will represent the amount of positions the ship occupies on the board and will also indicate the number of darts required to sink that specific ship.

Before you can start the game, both participants must pretend to hide their ships on the board. They hide their ships by writing down on a piece of paper the specific positioning of each of their ships without disclosing the ships positions to the opponents. All of your ships positions on the board must be specified clearly on your sheet of paper and may not cross each other or be placed on top of each other. The ships must also be positioned in sequential segments of the board and can under no circumstance be broken up.

Ships positioning can be placed one of two ways, you can place them in a circular manner, this is when the ships fragments measure around the same ring of the board. The different rings of the board, double, large, triple, small. You can also utilise the outer and inner bullseyes in the other placement format. So as an example you may place your 3 ship on Double-5, Double-20, and Double-1.

You may also place your ships straight down a number or straight line from the Double ring inwards all the way to the bullseye. This is where the game may differentiate between players and styles. You may want to use the bullseye both outer and inner as one fragment or alternatively you can use them as two separate fragments. So for instance if you were using them as one you might have a 3 boat starting in the Outer Bullseye and moving across Small-9 and finishing in triple-9. Alternatively, if you are using the bullseye as a whole entity and not two separate parts you might end up with a 4 boat starting in Small-19, Bullseye, Small-1, and finishing in Triple-1. Either of these differing styles can be used depending on how skilled the dart players are playing the game.

Once all this has been accomplished and both players have their hidden sheets and darts are at a ready. Play can begin. Players then take turns throwing there three darts and trying to locate the positioning of their opponents battleships and sink them. This is done buy throwing your dart at different segments of the board and until they receive notice buy the other player a ‘hit’ has occurred and then they must try and locate where the rest of the ship is located. Whenever someone throws a dart at the board during their turn the opposing player must specify whether the dart has accumulated a ‘hit’ or ‘missed’ their ships. No other information regarding the size or placement of that ship is to be given away. However if all the fragments of the ship have been struck by an awesome darter, they must be made aware that the ship has been sunk, so as they can move on to a different target. The player that had their ship sunk must then cross out on the scoreboard which one of their ships was sunk. Once all your opponents ships are sunk you are the ultimate darter, make them bow down to your superior darting and intuition.