How to Master the Sport of Darts

By George Silberzahn

A great read - this book is available through

Georges Silberzahn has established a firm reputation for championship darts shooting and an ability to articulate what it takes to attain the skills necessary for success. He has been a tireless advocate of the sport and sportsmanship of darts during his legendary career. This book brings together all of the elements of skill, determination and practice for which George Silberzahn is famous.

Finally, a book that not only teaches the mechanics of throwing darts, but also how to improve your skills - and what a bonus having a section which perspective from so many American legends, both men and women. Silberzahn's book is a must read for any dart player. Jay Tomlinson publisher Bull's Eye News

What is Silberzahn has done - and he is pegged it smack in the triple 20 - is to take his pen and create a crystal clear images that will impart a lasting message to any level of darter. In a chapter after chapter is Silberzahn steps to lectern and shared his knowledge in a manner the reader can almost touch and feel. Paul Seigel (Dartoid’s World) - syndicated darts journalist.

There have been numerous darts books which pretend to be tutorials but George Silberzahn has gone be on them all. For those who genuinely want to take darts seriously and learn what it really takes to be a champion then How to Master the Sport of Darts is a must have. Patrick Chaplin British darts historian.