Harrows Black I.C.E. 90% Black Titanium Tungsten 22 gram Darts available from Deadeye Darts.

The packaging includes an ABS slim pack plastic carry case, Supergrip Shafts and 2D Harrows Marathon Signature Flights.

By the way I.C.E. is an acronym for Isostatic Cold Extrusion – this is the process to produce a tungsten billet of unrivalled concenctricity and uniform high density – now back to the dart

The Black I.C.E 22 gram is coated with a super tough titanium coating that not only colours the dart black but helps absorb moisture to provide a secure grip. The barrel has many shark like grip grooves for approximately 22mm of the barrel at the balance point, the result is a dart with a lot of grip.

The Black I.C.E is available in 21, 22, 23, 24 and 25 gram.

The 22 gram has a barrel length of 49.00mm with a diameter of 6.9mm.

We would rate this dart a 4 on the Deadeye Grip Rating scale.

The Deadeye Grip Rating is based on a 1 to 5 scale with 5 having the most grip.

Over time the packaging may vary.