What great little darts or should we say lightweight darts. Manufactured by Nodor International in the United Kingdom. Sold throughout the world (including Australia) mainly under the name of Featherlite. Superb workmanship captured in our lightest range to give you precision control for the most streamlined range. High quality both in design and manufacture. Difficult to find weights which such designs.

They come complete with shafts, dart flights, point protector and Deadeye Dart flap wallet. The flights and dart shafts may vary from those shown.

We have other darts under 20 grams and these include the Golden Bullet 18 g, the Silver Bullet 18 g, Bushranger with four darts under 20 g, Cougar with a 19 g, Warrior 18 g, Jailbird 18 g, 95s Multi Ring 18 g, plus all the soft tip darts we stock are under 20 gram and can easily be converted to steel tip with conversions points that we have available. There are some really outstanding darts in the soft tip darts range that players of the steel variety should not overlook.