Extra Black Tungsten Darts by McCoy Darts

Manufactured from 90% Tungsten Alloy With WWC Tri Pack NTi Black Coating which provides Excellent Grip with a design that is front loaded. The darts are available 21, 23 and 25 gram. The Extra Black Tungsten dart are similar in barrel shape to the Barry Jouannet from Unicorn Darts, the major difference is the grip which on the Extra is the shark grip profile. 

The Extra Tungsten Darts come complete with quality aluminium shafts, dart flights, point protector and Deadeye flap Wallet. The actual flights and shafts may vary from those shown below.

Arriving in the coming weeks will be the McCoy Copper Tungsten CPU Series which includes Smooth, Bullet, Ringed and Taper styles.

Unicorn darts arriving shortly include the Andy Hamailton and Terry Jenkins. With additional weights in the World Champion Machina range.

All the darts listed as available in our store are available for immediately delivery. 

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