Excalibur tungsten darts. Today we are going to check out the Excalibur dart from Elkadart. This particular dart is 20 gram and comes in typical Elkadart packaging, all made in England. The Excalibur is available in 20, 22, 24 and 26 gram weights.

Now let's look and see what we have here, the darts come in this ABS plastic carry case which is very handy. The darts are made from 80% tungsten come complete with anodised super spin top of the range dart shafts, which are also manufactured by Elkadart.

The actual darts themselves have really a good grip for a ringed dart and if you are looking for a dart with above average grip these could be exactly what you have been looking for. Let's get some measurements on these darts, the actual length of the barrel is 48.2 or thereabouts, the diameter which is the same for the whole barrel is 6.37 maybe 6.4 which is common to the whole barrel. Lastly we will check out the weights of these barrels to check on consistency, what do we have here, 19.6, wow 19.6 and 19.6, that's excellent for moderately priced darts. Actually one thing I haven't checked out is the balance of these darts, perfect.

Really nice darts so if you're looking for a ringed dart, trying to think what this is similar to, probably, some of the Alan Glazier darts. If you are looking for a really nice ringed are with good grip at a moderate price the Excalibur dart will take some beating.