Elkadart Black Mamba 24 gram 80% Tungsten Darts are available from Deadeye Darts.

The Black Mamba is available in 3 weights of 22, 24 and 26 gram.

The 24 gram Black Mamba darts are ringed and also have facets cut into the black coated barrels. Elkadart have a reputation for producing high quality darts at their facility in England.

The darts are fitted with diamond cut aluminium shafts, custom 2D dart flights and come with this ABS Plastic Carry Case.

The 24 gram barrels are 47.6mm in length with a diameter of 7.2mm.

As mentioned earlier the barrels have a series of grooves in the middle with faceted cuts at either end of the grooves.

Based on a grip rating of one to 5 with five having the most grip these darts are a 3.

The Black Mamba from Elkadart once again represents excellent value for a quality English made tungsten darts.

Over time the packaging may vary.